Welcome to Pythia

Data Acquisition
& Processing

Our Work

Data is critical to our business. Every action in a sporting event has an impact. Turning these actions into accessible data for our Data Science and Trading teams is the key to our success.

New Sources

New data is constantly being made available due to technology advancements or release of information by the rights holders. We also continue to develop our proprietary data source, which range from on-site collection, to text mining and video analysis, to get the most from every competition.

Data Extraction

We make use of data from a huge amount of sources from all over the world. From website scraping, to text mining, to dedicated data feeds, ingesting all this is no easy task, even using automated tools. Careful planning and maintenance is crucial to ensuring these processes operate reliably all year round.

Data Quality

Maintaining high quality data sets to feed into our Machine Learning models and technical trading engines is key to our business. The systems that detect and correct data errors are always being refined, along with new processes as other data sources are added to our pipeline.