Welcome to Pythia



Pythia helps their clients develop and deploy fully automated trading strategies to take advantage of our predictive models and market signals. We can assist across a variety of sports and do so at high frequency on all the major exchanges. Our clients seek to take advantage of market inefficiencies across in-game and pre-match states.

Signal Generation

A wide variety of approaches are used to generate signals which can broadly be categorised into technical (analysing price movements) and fundamental (assessing recent form for example). On top of this, Pythia also has access to non-public data which are constantly being worked through in an attempt to develop high quality signals for exchange trading.

Staking Strategy

We work with our clients to help advise on staking strategies and bet execution that are most suitable for their risk appetite and bankrolls.


Much emphasis is placed on simulating potential new strategies and to understand the effects of parameter changes to existing strategies. Our vast collection of historical exchange price data allows us to do this and share with our clients’ expected portfolio returns.